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CES Asia

CES 2016 just came to an end in Las Vages,CES Asia came one after another,5.11-5.13,CES Asia 2016 was held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre,More than 300 manufacturer over the world attend the show.As well,we brought our first flying robot Miraman 360QX to the show which caught people's eye.

Heard of it, a circle of people called 360QX Miraman as fantasy man! It is said that mixed 'space circle' of the UAV from its altitude to quality which is higher than others so that it can let these professional fans regard them as fantasy. It is because Miraman 360QX just to meet you every imagination of perfect UAV.


 Many people began to notice UAV which was from Wang Feng to propose his marriage, but as a high-tech product, this new toy has been quietly developed for such a long time. As one of the most anticipated flying robots in a circle, 360QX Miraman which is stable, smooth and clear from different perspectives to interpret the world's beauty. It has a series of functions, follow the return flight, GPS intelligent auxiliary positioning, all of these make the game player delightful. You can bring real-time HD video and image that you only need to install an app, support all kinds of version of a variety of mobile devices to share. A little easier click and then wait for a circle of friends who will offer overwhelming praises. New toys are worth their immediately getting!


Small body great wisdom       

Is the perfect interpretation of the concentration that interprets the essence of the truth, as far as you know its weight which is less than1,300g of three bottles Nongfu spring water? When the 4 wings are packed up, the diagonal wheelbase is only 370mm, its altitude is 180mm, so smart to be carried just like a traveling wherever you want to fly. 360QX Miraman also comes with the camera; it is to fill the blank in the current UAV market. The entire series divided into GoPro version, basic edition, premium edition and professional edition, the professional version of the maximum video resolution is up to 4K, with enhanced version of three pumping stable platform which leads you to look throughout the world, skill in detail. Really small body has great wisdom!          


Mystery of superior design       

Fantastic man's design team has maintained a low profile and mystery, they are not in the arena, but still have their legends. They are less known by others except that their team members do further study in Milan Domus Academy and served a lot of international big-names, they overwhelm the constraints of feelings to project in the concept of Miraman 360QX design. Such as the fuselage simple black and white color inspiration is from Star Wars, and liberate the remote from the square dogma, combines the concept of joysticks and steering wheels, allows the operator to become no longer complex, simple and easy to overhand remote sensing and button to control external image transmission and GPS module, support to follow pattern, rapidly increase in flying skills. Flying 360QX Miraman is a new UAV, which is a thought-provoking art when it’s quiet.     Cracked cost performance      There is no free lunch in the world; the equipment controllers understand the theory that you can have them all but not all at the same time. Aggregation function upgrading and cutting-edge design, forcing the explosion of lattice of Miraman 360QX’s price which is certainly not cheap, but the fact is always surprising, at least it's price will not let you suffer the dilemma of half a month to eat soil. The entire series of the highest professional version price is only RMB 4,888, 1/3 lower than the same product in the market, greatly reducing the cost of going to Heaven. The quality has become a new benchmark in the circle. Do you think it's over, the answer is no! In order to be fantastic in the end, we need to offer a high quality backpack additionally, it is said that the same kind of product bag is to 800RMB, bulging purse which said flat then it will be flat. Do not look down on this free backpack, it has a slight waterproof function, simple black and white color and 360QX Miraman style which can be complement each other, and which is said as a new season of fashion.            

If you love the freedom of flying, but still have not determined to fly to the blue sky, then you really need a professional edition of 360QX Miraman to achieve your dream! 

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